How To Troubleshoot Adobe Distiller Error Messages

If you are experiencing Adobe Distiller error messages on your system, we hope this user guide will help you resolve them.

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    Adobe Acrobat Distiller is a true software application for converting PostScript documents to Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format), the native format of the Adobe Acrobat resource family. Distiller Server was retired in 2013 in favor of the Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator component.

    adobe distiller error messages

    You may receive a PostScript error message when submitting a file for processing by a PostScript interpreter (such as the large Acrobat Distiller printer). A PostScript error occurs when the PostScript interpreter fails to read PostScript code from a file. An error can also occur if the PostScript code of the file exceeds a significant overflow or one of the limitations of some PostScript page description languages. If your PostScript interpreter processes numbers but then stops, a PostScript error may have occurred.

    A PostScript error message contains a PostScript error variant that specifies the type of error. It also has some really good attack commands, which usually show certain parts of the PostScript marketing that the interpreter can’t read Yes. An erroneous command usually indicates that a problem has been caused. Some PostScript errors point directly to the general cause of the problem, while a number of errors point in the right direction.

    For example, for PostScript, the error is %%[Error: dictfull; OffendingCommand: outl ]%% PostScript contains the erroneous choice “dictfull” and the offensive quotation mark “def”. À The error type indicates that this dictionary contains the maximum number of phone number entries. The erroneous command is also the last command the PostScript interpreter tried to process, “def”, defining a new word in the dictionary.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • If someone thinks they have a PostScript error but it doesn’t appear on the screen or in your printout, you can sometimes view or print the cause of the error. Do one or more of the following:


    • Use an efficient error handler. For example, Adobe Pagemaker provides an “Enable PostScript Error Handler” option in the Printing Preferences dialog box.
    • On Windows, configure a specific printer to print the obfuscated message:

    How do I fix adobe distiller?

    2) Go to “Control Panel” -> “Programs” -> “Programs and Features” -> “Uninstall a program” and take “Adobe Acrobat DC”. Click “ChangeRestore” and select “Restore” in the next dialog box. After working on repairing the product, restart the device and print to PDF again.

    Note. VWindows NT cannot configure the printer to report high performance printing errors.

    1. What is Adobe Distiller and do I need it?

      Distiller is usually a program within programs because it is part of the Acrobat offering. Its sole purpose is to convert PostScript language files to PDF files. PS files can be standalone or form an intermediate production form of another program used to create the PDF file. Try this, it will use Distiller.

      Choose one of the following options:

      • Start > Settings > Printers (Windows 2000)
      • Start > Printers and Faxes (Windows XP)
      • Start > Control Panel > Printers (Windows Vista, Windows 7 )

    2. adobe distiller error messages

      Right-click the printer you are creating and select Printer Properties.

    3. How do I fix PostScript errors?

      Try again.Cut the print job into smaller pieces.Find solutions for your specific error.Change if you are moving to another computer, application, driver, etc.Reset all.Reuse the document.Contact a reseller.Use the hardware to fix the problem.

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