Solved: Boclean Antimalware Repair Suggestions

If you’re getting a boclean Antimalware error, this guide should help.

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  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    Windows ten Windows 8.1 Useful information for Windows Windows Media Player Aria-label=”Press More…Less

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    boclean antimalware

    Support for Windows 4 ended on January 14, 2020.


    We ship the right Windows 11 PC to you so you can continue to receive security updates from Microsoft.

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    “My Windows Media Player shows an error for every video file I try to play – “There was a new problem playing the file.” The music is local and I’m using Windows 10. How can I listen to my WMP lessons? at

    Windows Media Player (WMP) error that can prevent videos from playing in the smartphone app is usually caused by unsupported video tutorial codecs. However, there can also be many reasons such as elementalHard download/transfer of videos or files, computer infections or corrupted videos.

    boclean antimalware

    So if you see the error message “Windows Media Player encountered a problem playing the file”, first answer the following questions:


  • WMP error only occurs with certain video files? If so, there is a codec compatibility issue with the format.
  • Previously, you were able to play these video files with Windows after Media Player and the problem happened recently? If so, it is almost certainly due to an update, possibly new software, that was installed on your personal Windows PC.
  • Can’t your videos be found on other media players? If so, your video data is probably corrupted.
  • The answers to these questions will help you understand the cause and find the possible cause of the Windows Media Player error:

    Depending on your case, the person might try one of the following ways to fix the Windows Media Player error:

  • Play video on all other media players
  • ConvertConvert video file to another format
  • Update Windows Media Player
  • Install Windows Media Player codecs
  • Troubleshooting using Windows Media Player settings only
  • Perform a system restore in Windows
  • Repair damaged videos with any professional video repair software.
  • Repair corrupted video clip with VLC Media Player
  • 1. Play Video On Another Media Player

    Does Comodo remove malware?

    Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) is considered a set of computer security skills designed to help users identify and thereby remove malware and dangerous processes outside of infected computers. Is free!

    Can antimalware remove viruses?

    Antivirus software will be primarily designed to prevent infections, although it also includes the ability to remove malware from an infected computer.

    Most likely, you will be using other media players like VLC like Media Player, KMPlayer, RealPlayer, etc. to play your video. However, this is just an alternative solution and will not solve your Windows Media Player error problem.

    2.Convert The Graphic File To Another Format

    If Windows Media Player is unable to play a video in a certain format, this situation will display the error “Windows Media Player encountered a problem” due to a certain incompatible file format.

    Therefore, you may be able to convert the video tutorial file to anothergoy format with online video file conversion tools. You can convert them to MP4, WMV, MOV or other WMP file format.

    3. Update Windows Media Player

    Which is better antivirus or antimalware?

    Antivirus programs are more efficient and effective against the classic types of online risks (worms, viruses, trojans, keyloggers), and malware removal can detect and remove new strains of complex malware and improve security.

    Windows software updates fix bugs if there are any, and make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed on your computer. Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 use Windows Media Player 12.

    Fix PC Errors in Minutes

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Visit the Microsoft website to download and update the powerful Windows Media Player.

    4. Install Windows Media Codecs


    If you know how to play videos on non-Windows Media players connected to your computer, the problem might be the lack of internet codecs. Codec support is essential for limiting and decompressing videos in a good reliable media player. So, install the Windows Media Player codec on your computer by following these steps. Then try playing the video. Ideally, this should solve the problem.

    • Open Windows Media Player and navigate to the tools options.


  • OnFor “Player” click “Available”.
  • If you can use Windows Media Player 12, on the Player tab, under Automatic Updates, check Once a day or Once a week, then click OK. It will be installed on Windows Media Player Autopilot codecs when available.
    • .Get the Windows Codec Pack

    You can also copy the codec pack from the Internet. The codec allows the package to play many standard video file data formats on any media player. Some popular video codec packs: K-Lite Codec Pack, Shark007Codec x Pack, Codec a Pack, etc.

    5. Solve Problems Only Through Windows Media Player Settings

    There is an option in Windows Media Player settings to troubleshoot this specific application.

    Download the software now to speed up your computer.

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