Troubleshooting Tips Disable Bios For Automatic System Recovery

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    Over the past few days, some of our users have reported to us that they have seen Automatic System Restore disabled in the BIOS. At the command prompt, type bcdedit /set default recoveryenabled No and press Enter. Restart your PC, AutoPlay Repair should be disabled and you should be able to access Windows 10 again.

    Automatic Repair in Windows 10 is a quick feature that troubleshoots and fixes common issues that can prevent your healthy device from charging properly.

    If your user device fails to boot for two nights in a row, the actual self-healing mechanism will kick in on the third boot, and during the above process, the system will run the actual number of diagnostic tests to identify and fix common problems. Problems. launch problems.

    Whenever you prefer to manually troubleshoot and take action to fix startup problems, or if automatic repair causes unexpected loops, you can disable this feature in Windows 10.

    In this Windows 10 review, we’ll walk you through how to turn off automatic diagnostics and fix your device.If automatic recovery was previously disabled and you want to restore the functionality, we will also describe the steps to help you enable the functionality again.

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  • How To Disable Automatic Recovery In Windows 10

    To disable automatic recovery on Windows 10 additional failed boot, do the following:

    1. Open Start.
    2. Find command prompt, right click at the top and buy Run as administrator as a result.
    3. disable automatic system recovery bios

      Type the following command word and press Enter:


    4. Note the reoveryenabled and ID values ​​in most Windows boot partition loaders. Treasures should look like this:

    5. Identifier: current
    6. Recovery enabled: Yes
    7. Type the following command to disable automatic repair and press Enter:

      bcdedit /set current restore enabled no

    8. In these commands, we use current to determine the target OS setting in the bootloader and disable auto-recovery, n/a.

    After someone completes these steps, the additional “Diagnosis and Repair” feature will no longer automatically fix a shoe or boot problem on your device.

    How To Enable Smart Repair In Windows 10

    If Direct Restore is disabled, a person can follow these steps to enable it again:

    1. Open Start.
    2. Search for “Command Prompt”, right-click it and select “Run as administrator”.
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    Type the following command and press Enter:


  • Note the Reoveryenabled in combination with the ID values ​​in the “Windows Boot Partition Loader” section. The values ​​should look like this:

  • Identifier: current
  • Restore enabled: no
  • Typically, to enable electronics recovery, type the following command and press Enter:

    bcdedit /set current restore on yes

  • For the time being, in this command we will use to specify the “sorry, OS” option on the machine with the bootloader and the value “yes” to get automatic recovery again.
  • After following this tactic, if you have trouble starting Windows 10 when you try to wipe your device for the third time, the whole system will diagnose your home device and try to fix common problems, I would say that the operating system does not boot properly. .

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