Dxdesigner Error 6092? Fix It Immediately

If you are getting dxdesigner error 6092, the following blog post will help you.

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  • Error



    Message Reason Solution

    5617 The scan marker is not missing.

    The board file configuration has

    Invalid token similar to

    misspelled keyword,

    invalid delimiter before

    Incorrect syntax.

    Check for errors with

    keywords, delimiters,

    space. But see also


    5619 Unable to open for shipping



    does not exist

    current working directory plus

    The WDIR path.

    Copy file [file name]

    to the main working directory

    or here


    Change WDIR.

    Enter your WDIR

    Variable for easier searching


    5621 Unknown small [token].

    The board configuration file contains tokens,

    unknown as

    someone who needs support


    Check for spelling errors

    Keywords. When you receive

    changed original

    The configuration document that was

    installed for this board

    See interface

    Set music file for

    other board

    Interfaces to check


    Spelling. Impossible

    5625 to open file


    Unable to read file


    Check permissions

    Correction needed because.

    5629 [string] is absolutely not in the yes-no table. A token that brings joy is something other than

    yes no p. Use only “Yes” or “No”.

    5669 [string] No status word.

    Exclude the value of the Enjoy keyword

    something else

    how: error, hint,


    Correct market price to exclude

    keyword. error

    5670 is in denial.

    Some warnings, errors

    Notes or will be excluded

    does not appear. Exclude numbers


    Keyword on main board

    Configuration file.

    5693 Invalid number of tokens.

    Keyword in board

    Missing configuration file

    some tokens.

    Check for spelling errors


    5701 Invalid entry for

    Operation [function name].

    an input that will be one of the internal values

    dxdesigner error 6092

    does not work properly. This

    most likely to be called

    Missing icons under

    required board attributes.

    Required checkbox for

    Character attributes,

    That’s right. error

    5705 Added object %s that points to

    Put %s into object %s with object type mismatch.

    Check details on

    false, probably missing

  • %s. attributes.

    5708 Failed to open declaration %s for

    Access %s. specified

    File cannot

    be open because specified


    Make sure the specified

    File is correct

    Write permissions.

    5709 Netlister cannot access your

    WIR file.

    They don’t contain

    Read and write permissions for the WIR file.

    Check for additional fixes

    Permissions that WIR


    5711 ViewBase failed to load for

    %s %s.

    Invalid missing stream file,

    what can be caused

    immediately after:

    A compound character without a defined base value


    Error in wire.

    Try one of the following:

    EUif the base schema does not exist, change the specific

    Character block type set to In

    Module Builder


    Open the step file in a text editor and find

    string named “Error”.

    Fix the problem

    identified from

    scheme (not directly in

    dxdesigner error 6092

    theme file).


    Object-level range %s is not valid for

    Operation %s on object type


    Target type mismatch.

    Check Theme

    incorrect or missing


    5716 Can be set to

    instead of the %s.for object

    %d with type %s. Mismatch between object types and designs.

    Check Theme

    false for , missing


    5727 Global World Wide Web %s in

    Subcircuit %s omitted.

    The global network, of course

    alias as a named network.

    Use the bus extractor to create an alias via

    access to the global network

    named network. Using

    5728 concentration signal name


    Using global grids,

    local network conflicts

    Names used elsewhere


    Provetell me what it is

    Category Appears

    Fix PC Errors in Minutes

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Network names or local

    or around the world,

    but not mixed.

    5736 On the other hand, the %s.of object was found

    Enter %s.in schema %s.

    The object is usually no longer

    scheme. It could be

    Due to changes in

    Chart after table

    The Netlist file has been exported relative to

    Place and route tool.

    Usually fix the scheme or

    board database or even

    both options and try again-

    Pay attention again. error

    5758 connected when object loaded

    Enter %s. Problem a with one part.

    Check topic for

    inaccurately missing or


    5773 Manually disable Word Wide Web.

    You have deleted the network in the PCB

    Layout and more

    Support this

    Automatically change time

    Fix this problem

    usually by hand


  • Comment to


    5774 Manually connect to the old network


    You have established an Internet connection

    in the PCB layout and this

    Don’t apply this change

    but automatically

    Comment to


    Fix the problem in this situation



    5775 Connect to a new network manually


    You have established a network connection

    in the PCB layout and this

    Don’t write off this change

    automatically where

    Comment to


    Solve the problem



    5776 Delete component manually.

    You have established a connection

    Removed in board layout, optional

    this is not automatically supported

    change when

    You are commenting on a specific


    Fix this problem

    all by hand


    5784 Back annotation is out of sync due to.

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