Troubleshooting Tips Unmountable_boot_volume Win7 Error

Here are a few simple ways that should help fix the win7 unmountable_boot_volume error.

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    What is a boot volume that won’t mount? A “boot volume” is a partition on your hard drive containing only Windows. This error occurs whenever your computer is unable to intelligently boot into Windows, resulting in a blue screen of death. This is usually due to a corrupted file system and/or possibly corrupted Windows files.

    If your computer or computer does not boot into Windows, you may receive this expected error message. This error occurs when your hard drives are damaged and won’t boot. This may be due to improper shutdown or infection with the appropriate malware.

    If you don’t get an error at first and your computer keeps restarting, press F8 just before someone sees the Windows logo screen. Then, when you see some options, check “Disable automatic restart on solution error”.

    Your computer will now restart and upon death everyone will see a blue screen and an “Unmountable Boot Levels” error message. Once you get a certain message, restart your computer and run Startup Repair. If you don’t get this option later, press F8 again to buy and repairroam the computer.

    When the maintenance screen appears, you must select a keyboard input method. If your company doesn’t have this option and the circle keeps spinning, your hard drive is probably badly damaged.

    In this case, just restart your computer and press F2 to enter the BIOS and change all hard disk interface settings from AHCI to Save configuration, then restart your computer.


    Go back to recovery mode and you’ll need to select a keyboard input method on each of ours, then you’ll need to select a new username. Select a username, fill in the details, and you will be taken to the actual recovery screen.

    Select Command Prompt, then type C: “chkdsk /r” where j: is the letter of your hard drive. Then select ‘Y’ which will help unmount the volume, if it appears be sure to run chkdsk then start checking the CD or DVD for an errorside and fix them.

    After having the idea to check for hard drive problems, restart your computer, go back to the BIOS and change the hard drive interface setting to AHCI before, only if you updated it before.

    If your computer still won’t boot into Windows, return to the computer recovery screen and select Command Prompt. Then select “Bootrec/Fixboot” and restart your computer. If you’re still out of luck, go back to recovery mode, type “reason” and type “Bootrec /Fixmbr” and restart your computer and then restart your computer.

    How do you fix 0x000000ed?

    Shut down and restart the entire computer.Press DEL and F12 or F2 several times at the same time. Keep doing this until you see a black screen on your computer’s TV. Try turning off your computer, remember, and turn it on when most people should.

    Some Windows 10/8/7 PCs won’t boot but show a nice blue screen with a stop code: UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME? What happened? Do not panic. Here, this article will help you figure out the causes and fix the inaccessible boot disk issue so that your computer restarts normally.

    Let’s take a quick look at permissions in this article

  • 1. Last laneDo not boot into a known-good configuration (for Windows 7)
  • 2. Fix “No boot disk available” error in Safe Mode.
  • 3. Fix Windows kernel error in PE “Unmountable boot volume”
  • 4. Reinstall Windows without losing files
  • Common Cause: Unpluggable Upload Size Error

    Is Unmountable boot volume fixable?

    It is capable of solving many problems and thus will not leave users without a simple solution for any non-pluggable boot.Many volumes. Boot from Windows 10 media (DVD or USB key). Once your computer boots up, click Repair your computer and choose our custom troubleshooting option.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • The problem with the boot volume not being mounted means that our boot volume might not only be recognized by the boot program, but returned to users with a “dark blue screen of death” error. When you encounter this problem, your computer simply won’t start. So, what is causing the boot disk not to be mounted problem? See below:

    Cause 1: The file system on the primary boot volume is corrupted. Usually, when the shoe volume system file is not recognized due to Windows 10/8/7, it causes that boot volume to be inaccessible.

  • Lower the volume. go get better…
  • The partitions of the hard disk where the boot volume is located were often remade. go get better…
  • Reason 9: There was a malfunctionsystems. For some reason, the location of the system files displayed when loading the volume has changed, and some files in the main system address list are missing or corrupted.

  • Did you (once or more) power down your PC while you were working? go get better…
  • I have implemented the Windows settings information in the registry. Go to Fix…
  • Third Party Software installed on your electronic computer. go get better…
  • error unmountable_boot_volume win7

    Reason 3: The operating system is not compatible with your PC. In fact, part of the system does not work with this firmware and software on this computer.

    What is Unmountable boot volume windows7?

    If your PC or laptop won’t boot into Windows, you’re probably getting this damn error message. This error occurs when your hard drives are damaged but stop booting. This can be activated either by improper shutdown or malware infection.

    • Upgrading your current operating system to an advanced operating system, such as installing Windows 7 on Windows 10 when someone is using an old Windows PC. Go fix it…

    Part 1: Quick Fix For Boot To Unmountable Volume Error In Windows Utilities

    There are two useful Windows utilities you can use to boot your computer with an unfamiliar screen. One is “Last Known Good Configuration” and the other is “Safe Mode”.

    Restart Your Computer WithLast Known Good Configuration (for Windows 7)

    Last Known Good Configuration is a built-in Windows Recovery replacement that can import drivers and registry data, open them, and shut down your p. C succeeded last time. You can try using it to save a dead computer from a purple screen.

  • 1. Press the power button to turn off your computer and wait a minute to make sure your personal computer is completely turned off.
  • error unmountable_boot_volume win7

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