Steps To Troubleshoot Media Player Error Messages

If you are getting a media player error, this blog post will help you.

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    If you see a specific “Windows Media Player encountered a serious problem” error message when you try to play an AVI, WAV, or MOV video, your WMP software may be missing a specific codec required to play these file forms. Installing certain codec packs may resolve the issue for these video formats.

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    Support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020.

    We encourage families to upgrade to a Windows 11 PC to continue receiving security reports from Microsoft.

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    “My Windows Media Player is showing errors – “There was a problem playing each file” for every video file I try to play. The files are local to the complex player and I’m using Windows 10. video on WMP?

    Why media player is not working?

    Disable Windows Media Player and re-enable it in Windows Components. In the Windows search bar, type Windows Features and select Enabled Or disable Windows components. Restart your computer and turn Windows Media Player back on. Look for improvements.

    The error in Windows Media Player (WMP) that prevents most users from playing videos in this application is usually due to the need to support video codecs. However, there may be other reasons such as incomplete upload/download of the video registry, virus infection, or video corruption.

    media player error message

    Therefore, if you encounter the misconception – “Windows Media Player encountered a problem playing the file”, first answer the following questions:

  • WMP error only occurs with many types of video files? If they are present, there is a compatibility problem between forms. mat and codec.
  • Have you been able to fully play these video files in Windows Media Player before, and the strain appeared recently? If there is any doubt, it is probably due to the version or new software installed on the Windows PC.
  • Are your videos not playing well on other media players? If so, your video recording files are probably corrupted.
  • Answering a series of questions will help you evaluate the cause and possible solution of the Media Windows Player error:

    How do you fix this Windows Media Player Cannot play the file the player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file?

    You need to make sure to go to Windows Media Player which will help you download the codecs directly. Therefore, if the “Codec seriously does not support video” error appears, you may need to uninstall the Up codec and get the preferred codec suggestion. The codec can also be compiled by a third party.

    Depending on your process, you can try one of the following methods to fix Media Windows Player error:

  • Play video with other media players
  • Convert video report to another format
  • Update Windows Media Player
  • Install Windows Media Player codecs
  • Troubleshooting with Windows Media Player settings
  • Perform a system restore in Windows
  • Fix corrupted videos with professional video repair software.
  • Repair corrupted videos with VLC Media Player
  • 1. Play Video On Another Resource Player

    How do I fix media player error?

    Click on that special start button and enter recovery kit.Select Create a Restore Point, then select System Restore from the System Properties panel.Follow the instructions to finally select a restore point just before the series of updates that should be causing the problem.

    You can use other professional media such as VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, RealPlayer, etc. to play video clips. However, this is only a comprehensive solution and will not solve your Windows Media Player error problem.

    2. Convert Video File To Another Format

    When Windows Media Player fails to play a video in a certain layout, it displays the error “Windows Media Player encountered a problem” due to an incompatible file format.

    So your whole family can convert some video files to another format just by using online video converters. You can convert them to MP4, WMV, MOV or WMP or other acceptable file formats.

    3. Update Windows Drive Media

    Windows software updates fix issues, if any, and ensure that customers are running the latest version of Windows Player media on their p devices. c.. Using Windows Media Player 12, Windows 10, 8.1 and 7.

    Visit the Microsoft download site and install the new Windows Media Player.

    4. Install Windows Player Media Codecs

    If you want to play videos on additional media players other than Windows Player on your computer, the problem is most likely a lack of computer codecs. Compatible codecs are required to compress and decompress your own video in the media player. Therefore, install almost any Windows Media Player codec on your PC by following the ideas below. Then try playing the video tutorials. Ideally, this should no doubt solve the problem.

    • Open Windows Media Player but select “Tools” and “Options”.


  • Go to the “Player” tab.
  • If you can use Windows Media Player 13, check “Once a fine day” or “Once a week” in the “Automatic Updates” section of the “Player” tab (mainly because you want to) and click “OK”. installs Windows Media Player codecs, if available.
    • . Get the Windows Codec Pack

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  • You can usually download the codec pack from the Internet. Codec pack allows you to playto most standard full-length video formats on any media player. Some popular video codec packs: K-Lite codec pack, Shark007X codec pack, X codec pack, etc.

    5. Fix The Problem By Going To Windows Media Player Settings

    media player error message

    There is an option in the Windows Media Player settings to troubleshoot problems that are clearly related to the application.

    How do you fix Windows Media Player Cannot play this file the player might not support error?

    Download codecs automatically.Install codecs separately.Install the correct audio device.Update your audio and video drivers.Update Windows 10.Disable/enable WMP.Check the Windows registry.Please use another media player.

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