SOLVED: Suggestions For Fixing SMTP Protocol Error Code 240.

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    Sometimes your computer may display a message with SMTP protocol error code 240. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    This is a list of their SMTP response status codes. Status codes typically returned by the server in response to a client request sent to the server.

    Unless otherwise noted, all of the status codes described here are most commonly associated withthe current SMTP standard RFC 5321. The suggestions displayed are typical, but any human-readable alternative can often be provided.

    Base State “Basic Code

    The “Status Code” SMTP response consists of a three-digit number (transmitted as three numeric characters) followed by text. The phone number is used by machines (for example, calling customers) to determine what status they will transition to next; the content (“body”) is for the actual human user.

    What is the meaning of SMTP status code 220?

    1) two hundred and twenty – SMTP service is ready. This is definitely a generic response indicating that your SMTP server is ready to move on to the next command.

    The first number indicates whether the answer is correct, incorrect, or incomplete:

  • 2yz (Positive Completion Response): Requested processing completed successfully.
  • 3yz (intermediate positive response): The command was accepted, but the requested action is on hold pending further information.
  • 4yz (temporary negative response): Completion The command was not accepted and the requested action was not normally taken. However, the error condition is temporary and the action can be requested again.
  • 5yz (permanent negative answer at thedecision): The command was not accepted and the requested action was not taken. An SMTP client MUST NOT save the exact request (in the same order).
  • x0z (syntax): By the way, these answers point to syntax errors, syntactically corrected commands that unfortunately don’t conform to any functional style, and unimplemented or redundant commands.
  • x1z (information): These are answers to important information requests.
  • x2z (connections). These answers refer to the transmission channel.
  • x3z: not specified.
  • x4z: not specified. (mail
  • x5z): These responses reflect the general state of the recipient’s email system.
  • Extended Status Code

    smtp log error code 240

    Basic status codes have been in SMTP since the beginning, with RFC 821 in 1982, but they eventually got quite large, and it was arbitrarily said that in 2003 RFC 3463 marked d in a growl tone as a replacement: “SMTP suffers from some history stretches, especially the bad one from corrupting the response code file format mechanism due to uncontrolled usage.”

    RFC 3463a defines a separate set of operation status codes.An extended messaging plan that could be better structured, consisting of four numeric fields separated by “.” different, hence:

    Class "." An object "." detail  Variety = "2" vs "4"/"5"  Subject 1 to 3 digits  Aspect = 1 to 3. 0 digits

  • 2.XXX.XXX Success: report positive action.
  • 4.XXX.XXX Temporary permanent error: The sent message is valid, permanent, but binding to some temporary condition caused an exit or delay.
  • 5.XXX.XXX Permanent error: probably cannot be fixed by sending the current post as is.
  • In general, a class identifier MUST match the first digit of the base state code to which it refers.[1]

  • X.0.XXX Other and for indeterminate status
  • Addressing status X.1.XXX
  • X.2.XXX Mailbox Status
  • X.3.XXX mail system status
  • X.4.XXX network and routing status
  • X.5.XXX Email Delivery Log Status
  • X.6.XXX message status or media content
  • X.7.XXX security and policy status
  • smtp log error code 240

    The meaning is certain The “details” field is class and subject specific and is specified in RFC 3463 and RFC 5248.

    What does SMTP code 250 mean?

    250 – This response from the SMTP server will simply mean that everything went well and your commercial message was delivered to the recipient’s remote computer. 421 – Your message has been temporarily held by the receiving server. This is usually due to too many connections on a short schedule or too many messages.

    A server that can securely respond with an extended status code MUST precede (precede) the body of SMTP server responses followed by an extended status code with one or more spaces. As an exercise, the response Bye” “221 (after the QUIT command) MUST be sent instead of “221 2.0.0 Bye”.[1]

    Internet Designated Authority (IANA) numbers manage laptops or official computers with these extended status codes.[2]

    Common Renown Codes

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  • This section lists some of the more common SMTP status codes. This list is not exhaustive and the actual text message (other than the 3-field extended status code) may vary.

    – 2yz Positive System Completion

    211 status or system support to reply
    214 Help message (response to HELP command)
    220 servis is ready
    221 Service closes transmission channel
    221 2.0.0 Goodbye [1]
    235 2.7.0 Authentication Benefit [3]
    240 EXIT
    250 Mail requested OK, move completed
    251 non-local users; will transmit
    252 The user could not be verified but could still attempt to deliver the message

    – 3yz Positive Intermediate

    334 (Working server – body part contains complete base64 encoded job) [3]
    354 start contact input

    – 4yz Transient Negative Completion

    “Temporarily negative” means that the error order is temporary and the action can be requested again. The sender of the letter must be determined by the command sequence Any) (if.

    The exact meaning of the term “temporary”must be negotiated between two proprietary sites (recipient and sender SMTP agents), they just need to agree on the interpretation. Each response in this category will potentially have a different time value, but unfortunately the SMTP client MUST target it again.

    421 leak transfer unavailable (this can be a response to any command when the service detects it needs to be stopped)
    432 4.7.12 Password required [3]
    450 The action requested by email was not completed: the mailbox is difficult to reach (for example, the mailbox is busy or temporarily due to blocking policies)
    451 Requested step aborted: local processing error
    451 4.4.1 IMAP server unavailable

    How do I fix SMTP connection error?

    Open an email client (Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, or Windows Mail).On the Tools menu, click Accounts.Click your email account, then click the Properties button.Click on the “General” tab.Make sure “email address” must be your valid address for the specific account.Click on the Servers tab.

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    Código De Erro De Log Smtp 240
    Code D’erreur De Journal SMTP 240
    Код ошибки журнала Smtp 240
    Smtp-logfoutcode 240
    SMTP-Protokollfehlercode 240
    Smtp-loggfelkod 240
    Código De Error De Registro Smtp 240
    Codice Errore Registro SMTP 240
    Kod Błędu Dziennika SMTP 240
    SMTP 로그 오류 코드 240

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