What Is SQL Error 10807 And How To Fix It?

I hope this user guide will help you if you are facing sql error 10807.

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    The database connection event was aborted. For example, this error may appear when a database event has completed or when there are network problems.




    Trading platform SAP HANA Edition 1.0; SAP HANA Release Method 2.0


    -10108 10807 340 MTU SEA PEA, SQLCODE: -10807, KBA, HAN-DB-ENG-BW, SAP HANA BW Engine, issue

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    sql error 10807

    The following short dump is often captured in ST22 when looking at tables:

    Short text
    SQL error “SQL code: Error -10807 occurred” while accessing table “TABLE_NAME”.

    Clear database error: “SQL Message: System call failed, rc=110: ‘recv’ connection timed out xx.xx.xxx.xxx:30015”

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  • HANA 1.0 database
  • HANA 2.0 database
  • Explanation:

    The connection to the database instance has been terminated. This error can occur if, for example, the data instance was interrupted or there were network problems.

    provides some internal error number and other information about the error.

    User Action:

    The database of the â’As instance is usually on the network. If it is indeed online, reconnect to its DB instance using the SQLDBC_Connection::connect method.

    component: MaxDB – liveCache

    Resolution: https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1321675 (SAP Service Store login required)

    sql error 10807

    Socket errors are allowed; 10054; TCP offload; Fireplace
    maxdb repository database, instance

    Related notes:

    392892 DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR (SQL error 0 or 11)


    Error receiving socket; 10054; TCP offload; Fireplace
    maxdb database, instance

    392892 DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR (SQL error 0 or 11)

    1. Where Can I Find Key Information About SAP For Hana?

    SAP HANA documentation is available at http://service.sap.com/hana and http://help.sap.com/hana. The SAP HANA Administration Guide is especially important for the SAP HANA Administration Technical Rule.

    SAP Note 2402628 describes how to find previous release documentation in SAP HANA.

    SAP software can be downloaded from the SAP Software Download Center (SWDC).

    For helpful troubleshooting information, see the SAP HANA Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting Guide.

    Press Drain publishes the SAP HANA Administration Book, which provides a detailed overview of SAP HANA architecture and administration tasks, as well as supporting information for the SAP HANA Administration Guide.< /p>

    The following FAQs and other links to key SAP HANA topics exist:

    2. How Can I Check SAP HANA Topology Details?

    Topology information such as hosts, services, and roles of interest can be specified in several ways:

    3. What Do Get-SAP-HANA Error Codes Mean?

    Sap Server HANA error codes are positive numbers. For more information, see Short Description Using SQL: “HANA_ErrorCodes” (SAP Note 1969700).

    When client connections are established using SQLDBC, negative SQLDBC error codes may be returned. SAP Note 1929772 provides an overview.

    4. What Should I Pay Attention To When Using BW On SAP HANA?

    See SAP Note 1600929 for general information about using BW for SAP HANA. See SAP Note 1637145 and 2296290 for sizing SAP HANA for BW.

    SAP Note 1729988 states that validations can be performed when migrating an existing NetWeaver BW configuration to SAP HANA.

    SAP HANA scales up the proposed BW scenarios by taking advantage of special table allocation and partitioning features. SAP Notes 1908075, 2334091 and the SCN document http://scn.sap.com/community/hana-in-memory/blog/2013/09/03/ provide additional illustrated information.

    Large tables on the BW side are handled as described by SAP in notes 2019973 and 2374652.

    If you want to run BW in a scalable solution, you usually followYou can use at least three SAP HANA nodes (SAP Note 1702409).

    5. What Should Be Considered When Using Suite On HANA?

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  • Minimum system requirements for Suite on HANA: NetWeaver version 7.40.

    SAP cluster so pool tables are replaced by explicit tables in HANA, SAP so unlike other SAP databases you can definitely see new physical table providers in HANA like SAP:

  • Transparent KONV table instead of clustered KOCLU table
  • Transparent dining table BSEG instead of cluster table RFBLG
  • CDPOS transparent table instead of CDCLS cluster ping-pong table
  • EDID4 transparent table instead of EDI40 clustered table
  • SAP Pilot Note 1781986 describes the conditions for scale-out package scenarios with HANA. Customers interested in piloting SoH scaling can open an SAP incident related to SAP in Pilot Note 1781986. SAP Table Note 1899817 describes distribution in scale-out scenarios.

    6. How To Check The Configuration And Performance Of Hardware, Firmware, And Operating SystemAre We SAP HANA?

    For tested and supported hardware related to SAP HANA environments, see the SAP Hardware Directory.

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    SQL-fel 10807
    SQL 오류 10807
    SQL-fout 10807
    SQL-Fehler 10807
    Errore SQL 10807
    Erro SQL 10807
    Erreur SQL 10807
    Błąd SQL 10807
    Error Sql 10807
    Ошибка SQL 10807

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