What Is Turok General Protection Error File Not Found And How To Fix It?

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    Over the past few days, some of our users have encountered a known error message saying that the turok general protection error file could not be found. This problem occurs for several reasons. We will review them now.

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    How do I fix general protection fault error?

    Type “disk cleanup” in the Windows Insight panel. Run Disk Cleanup.Select your primary drive and scan it.Then delete the following most important files: Temporary Internet Files. Temporary data. Windows update files. And other files won’t take much of your time.Restart your computer.

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    How do you fix the general protection fault in Borderlands?

    Solution 1: Make an exception for playing Windows Defender (Windows Security)Solution 2 – Verify the integrity of the game filesSolution 3 – Update the latest graphics card driversSolution 4 – Use the correct GPU

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    syntax 09/11/19
    turok general protection fault file not found

    Man, help. I know the missing music file, but how do I get it apart from the package. In general, I did not know about the existence of obsolete nVidia kits, thanks

    901 36

    Well, after trying Turok at my friend’s house, I decided to buy it (reluctantly at first, but now I hope that your active modding community, in general,for the concept in the future, the game has, I think, a good potential for what experts say the developers release a great SDK). From what I saw, I thought it was ok… well, I said that I had problems with that…

    He and I have different systems, one person has an AMD processor, I think it’s a Phenom, and an ATi/AMD greeting card, I think it’s from the X2K series, I don’t know which model I’m running. to approve. And the rest, except for this mobo, is similar (so-so sound card, OS, promotion and disks, etc.). I myself have an Intel E8400 C2D, gigabyte mobo (X38-DQ6), the same card as his (SB X-Fi XTremeMusic) and ASUS EN8800GTS 640MB. I’m using Windows XP 32-bit.

    1) Installed the PhysX Ageia drivers (the movie itself installed them, it was via DVD)

    turok general protection fault file not found

    2) I had Visual Studio C++ 2005 Redist from Microsoft.com (because my own friend told me I had to install it for this company to work properly)

    4) I’ve installed the latest update for DX9 and it’s true

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Now I’m thinking of launching the game by simply running the DVD of that particular launcher or clicking on the .EXE file or shortcut where I get the same error only aboutonce, namely: http://img257.imageshack. us/img257/2729/errorga0.png

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    Nie Znaleziono Pliku Błędu Ogólnego Ochrony Turok
    No Se Encontró El Archivo De Falla De Protección General De Turok
    Файл сбоя общей защиты Turok не найден
    Turok Algemene Beschermingsfout Bestand Niet Gevonden
    File Di Errore Di Protezione Generale Turok Non Trovato
    Turok Allgemeine Schutzverletzungsdatei Nicht Gefunden
    Arquivo De Falha De Proteção Geral Turok Não Encontrado
    Fichier De Défaut De Protection Générale Turok Introuvable
    Turok Allmänt Skyddsfelfil Hittades Inte
    Turok 일반 보호 오류 파일을 찾을 수 없음

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