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    If you have noticed winamp TV, this article will help you. Winamp TV is a small plug-in for your casino’s mp3 player that gives you the ability to use your TV tuner in Winamp. Now you can prepare your TV channels for normal viewing in the form of a single playlist. Very useful if you really want to use the player’s equalizer on your TV or plug-ins that really improve the sound.

    Winamp TV

    The alexa Winamp TV plugin allows you to use the Winamp product to control your TV tuner. Added local to your library or playlist. Supports various tuner cards. To switch FM and TV channels, just change the Winamp track.>Plugins>Login

    Version 1.9lite10

    oneversion. 9lite10

    This extension allows you to use Winamp to control your TV tuner. You can use the Playlist Manager, Media Bundle, or your favorite Alexa all-in-one tool to control your TV or FM radio, all in one! Organize them as the channels you want, paste themPrint multiple playlists, make unique channel selections, make copies of a channel, possibly with many different options…

    Hardware deinterlacing, extended OSD, video cover inside video window.

    Supports the best range of tuner cards and cartridges, including cards, universal solutions, vivo USB tuners, encoders, MPEG hardware.

    Download this plugin

    26. January 2004 Branimir Lambov 540527 downloads

    Employee Evaluation

    ownControl your TV or FM radio with Winamp (requires TV card tuner with Microsoft WDM drivers installed)

    Allows you to use Winamp even to change channels on your TV or FM radio.

    tv winamp

    It comes with a detailed readme that shows you how to set it up and run it, and lists the system requirements for it to work.

    This latest version with many options should please everyone!


    yes, it works – thanks for the bunch of plugins. There are many “apps” that promise TVyell “miracles” with your TV receiver card, but it’s not. I do. what I liked about the software: – it didn’t explicitly ask me to provide detailed information about my recipient card; he just admitted it. – Scanning these TV channels really worked; Video is of the best quality. Scanned – Channels can be bookmarked. For high quality videos and a really good end experience, I highly recommend this plugin to anyone with an idea for a TV tuner card. – November 29, 2008 by k

    In my experience, build versions 1.9 10 are excellent. Build version 1.9 10 works too and is easy to use. In fact, the only way to play the preloaded VHS I have is The Puppet Masters with Donald Sutherland. VideoLAN (e.g. VLC 0.8. repeats 6c a few frames over and over even if the CD plays fine). “) Winamp freezes as quickly as it opens *.tvc file. Then Winamp cannot be closed. Also, I need to restart the computer using the free application program “Force Shutdown”.- Updated (applied all major and minor updates). – ATI Software Catalyst (drivers, etc.) version 6.11 (latest). – Winamp 5.5 – October. September 28, 2007, BM – Halle

    Applause, Barney! well done, – September 7, 2007. Tony Slavkov

    Great addition!! – Possibly not installed yet, but the concept will probably be great. If video windows are possible, a few, then I’m safe in heaven. – accidentally met on August 16, 2007

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Unfortunately, it’s hard to set up! works – adding channels was actually a little tricky, but once it was done the plugin worked like a charm and my TV tuner card was fully supported. A future addition that I would like to suggest for future releases is literally basic PVR/DVR functionality, what I would say is the ability to pause and rewind Live Your Life TV – July 11, 2007 Contributed by Nicholas Bratina

    TV to All-in-Wonder tuner 7500 – I was looking for a great alternative to ATI’s buggy software. It took some work to get it to work. So far Winamp is working fine. Thanks. 27 – November 2006g., md

    Great – exactly what my husband and I were looking for as everyone knows that the manufacturer’s tuner management software is basically crap.this plugin allows you to do everything you do, for example, with the specified TV…The only error I’ve encountered (when using the background color for my desktop to match the overlay color) is that you have completely closed the entire application, Winamp Marketplace needs to be closed.Thumbs up! September 27, 2006 by Adrian Peter

    tv winamp

    Someone help me – Necesito dont alguien ayude, me este plug-in isa buenisimo, pero tengo algunos Problemillas stupid la instalaci?n…ser?a maybe Alguien que mandara las o indicaciones aalg?n tip espa ?ol? during ???? – May 17, 2006, simply by Jorge Beste Deleon

    The plugin I had in recent history is simple, fast…it’s your favorite player….what else do you .need…thanks for the idea – the plugin.P.S. I have tried many other TV party programs and one of them is just not true, that’s all. from – May 1 to 2006 Milosevic


    Download the software now to speed up your computer.

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