Tips For Fixing Winsock Version 1.1

If you’re getting a Winsock version 1.1 error on your PC, you should check out these troubleshooting ideas.

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    The Windows Socket API, also known as Winsock, is the latest type of application software (API) used to communicate between Windows Online Circles software and network services. It is primarily based on the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and has its roots far from the Berkeley Unix socket interface.

    InWSAStartup starts the process using our own Winsock DLL.


    int WSAStartup(        WORD wVersionRequired,  [out] LPWSADATA lpWSAData);


    Pointer toWSADATA A data structure that should contain a lot of information about the native implementation of Windows Sockets.

    Return Value

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  • If successfulThe WSAStartup result function is null. Otherwise, it will receive one of the error codes described below.

    The WSAStartup function directly returns our own extended error code, the return value for this function. Calling WSAGetLastError is certainly optional and should not be used automatically.

    Error code Value
    The underlying network of the subsystem does not need to be ready for network communications.
    Frequently requested Windows socket support is not provided.Motren is the intended implementation of Windows sockets.
    A Windows Sockets 1.1 blocking operation is in progress.
    The limit on the number of tasks supported by the Windows Sockets implementation has recently been reached.
    lpWSAData is not the best valid pointer.

    What is Wsadata C++?

    WSADATA is version 2.2 encoded with a major version number, usually in the low byte, and a minor mobile version number in the high byte. This version of the current Winsock DLL, Ws2_32. dll supports applications that require one of the following versions of the specific Windows socket specification: 1.0. 1.1.

    InThe WSAStartup function must be a Windows Sockets function, referred to simply as an application or DLL. It’s useful to create an application or DLL to define an ordered version of Windows sockets and get information about a custom implementation of Windows sockets. Only after a successful call can the application generate the Windows Sockets functions or any added DLLs.Loading WSA.

    Support for different implementations and applications of Windows Sockets, which may have detailed differences from the latest version associated with the Windows Sockets Specification, may be negotiated.Start WSA. Caller fromThe WSAStartup tickets in the wVersionRequested parameter are the best version of the Windows Sockets specification on a phone that supportsmy application. The Winsock DLL defines the highest version of the Windows socket specification, which in turn can support them on top of each other. The Winsock DLL also responds to another Windows socket specification that the caller can use.

    When an application or DLL calls itWSAStartup, the Winsock DLL checks each of our versions of the Windows Sockets specification requested by the application passed through the wVersionRequested parameter. If each of our versions requested by the application is equal to or greater than the lowest version supported by the Winsock DLL, the call succeeds and each Winsock DLL returns detailed information containing the WSADATA – Execute structure referenced Parameter lpVSadata. The wHighVersion element of a WSADATA structure often specifies the highest version of the Windows Sockets specification that a Winsock DLL can support. The wVersion element of your current WSADATA structure specifies the version, relative to the Windows socket specification, that your Winsock DLL expects from the caller.

    winsock version 1.1

    If the wVersion element behindThe WSADATA structure is not acceptable to the owner, the application or DLL is ideally namedallWSACleanup is unable to release Winsock DLL resources and initialize a new Winsock application. If you order this application or DLL from Customer Support, you should check for an updated version of the Winsock DLL that can be installed on this platform.

    The current version of the Windows Sockets specification is version 2.2. Modern Winsock Ws2_32 dll, .dll supports applications that require one of the Windows Sockets version implementation criteria:

  • 1.0
  • 1.1
  • 2.0
  • 2.1
  • 2.2
  • In order to gain full access to the new higher-level syntax of the Windows Sockets specification, an application generally must negotiate this superversion. In this case, the wVersionRequested parameter must be set to get version 2.2. The application will also need to fully comply with this large version of the list of Windows Sockets specifications, such as when compiling the appropriate header file, linking against a library, or other special cases. The Winsock2.h file header for Winsock 8 support is included in the Microsoft Windows SDK.

    Windows sockets version 2.2 is supported by Windows with respect to Server 2008,Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003,windows xp,Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 with later Service Pack 4 (SP4),windows me,Windows 98 and Windows 95 OSR2.But Windows sockets version 2.2 is also enabled
    Windows 95 is supported by the Windows Socket 2 Update. Applications on these platforms must obviously request the Winsock 2.2 setting via the corresponding wVersionRequested parameter.

    winsock version 1.1

    In Windows 95 and various versions of Windows NT 3.5 1st and earlier, Windows sockets version 1.1 is the highest specification model for augmented Windows sockets.

    What is WSAStartup?

    The WSAStartup function must be a core Windows Sockets function called from a schema or DLL. This allows the borrower application or DLL to specify the required Windows sockets alternative and to include details about the particular implementation of Windows sockets.

    For an application or DLL written to work with an earlier version of a particular Windows socket specification supported by the Winsock DLL, it is legal and possible for that earlier version to run successfully with the WSAStartup function specific to the version passed in. For example, a product might request version 1.1 in the wVersionRequested parameter passed to the WSAStartup function on a platform with a Winsock 2.2 DLL. In this case, the application must rely only on those features that match the requested option. New codes, new ioctl actions of existing functions, and new qualities should not be used. The theme provided by WSAStartup could be usedIt is used primarily to run legacy Winsock 1.1 applications designed for Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51 and earlier, with the same behavior on later versions of Windows. The Winsock.h header file for Winsock 1.1 Hold is included in the windows SDK.

    How do I find my Winsock version?

    Click the “Start” button and accordingly select “Search”, then “Files or folders”.In the Name: field, enter: winsock.dll If your system cannot find this file, it may be hidden.When you found Winsock.Veach dialog that appears, only the Version tab.

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